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Welcome to multifamilygumbo.com

This site is dedicated to the investor...from those with a dream to seasoned investors looking for value in an experienced, seasoned veteran of the gumbo we call multifamily investments.  

Our goal is to empower the best in each of us to go beyond looking at just a spreadsheet and a whim.  Experience learned is a wonderful thing..a series of small mistakes perfected to avoid the big ones.

When you become a landlord your mindset of self and others changes.  You become responsible for another persons life...but not their lifestyle.  You have to know when to push and when to slowly take a deep breath.  

Breath deeply, smell the roux, and know when to turn up the heat.


Why multifamily investments are good for your pocketbook

1) Income

2) Depreciation

3) Ability to deduct expenses, milage and more

4) Long term potential growth in net worth

5) Ability to leverage money invested

6) Ability to grow real equity while someone else pays your mortgage

7) In New Orleans...always having a place to park around town

8) One of the best ways to quit Corporate America. 

9)  Freedom to travel, see family, see the world beyond a paycheck and a bossy boss.

10) Make money while you sleep.